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Making Your Support Contents More SEO Friendly

Considering Google’s latest algorithm updates, lots of businesses have looked very hard at the methods to flesh out current pages and produce new, SEO-friendly contents in effort to develop organic search traffic.

Despite more focus on the “Google-friendly” content, there are lots of websites neglecting some quite simple SEO enhancements on valuable content that exists already on their website: community and support content. If you have community Q&A materials and support documentations, this article will take you through how to get more SEO worth out of your existing content.

1. Recognize Your Best Performing Page & Untouched Opportunities

Like with the procedure of optimizing most essential pages for SEO, here the first step is to know the content you’ve on your website.

  • What content is doing well? 
  • What content is linked to most frequently?
  • What’s missing? 

Once you’ve the “lay of land” and know what is happening and where do the opportunities exist in your support contents, you can go on making optimization that will help attract more SEO traffic onto these pages.

2. For Key Pages Update Title Tag & Meta Description

A vital thing to note down before you make changes to your current community and support content:

The primary aim of content is to cater as community and support content, not to attract traffic to your website through organic search.

No changes that you make must make your tutorial harder to find or understand, and nothing you revise must make it harder for your prospects and customers to ask questions as well as have them answered.

This being said, there often are opportunities to tweak current contents to make it much more SEO-friendly. By looking at all the pages that currently are ranking well in Google Search Console or SEMrush, you’ll probably find lots of useful information to assist inform:

  • Title Tags.
  • Meta Description.
  1. Link To Support Content And Support Section With Other Parts Of Site

Any changes you are making in the method you link internally, must be driven by overall user experience as well as business goals of the website, not by SEO.

Like with meta descriptions and title tags, however, there might be opportunities available to link to the support content from all other areas of site that will help this content better rank in search results, like:

  • Linking to the community or support sections of the website from your website’s top or footer navigation.
  • Linking to specific, related community threads and tutorials within popular contents in any other areas of site.
  • Leveraging widgets in the areas of your website where they’d be useful and relevant.
  1. Implement Related Tutorials, Questions, & Threads Widget

Linking internally within diverse community and support documentation content can be extremely advantageous in flowing links equity all through these sections of the website. It is often helpful for users, as well. Frequently, the initial documents being viewed might not offer a perfect solution for their particular problem, and similar threads or tutorials might be valuable.

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