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Mega Menus And SEO

As all of us get more accustomed to “mobile-first” web design, it is interesting to reflect on navigational strategies for the big website SEO and on how we can capitalize on SEO performance utilizing site architecture choices — especially in e-commerce.

Now here is a scenario for you: You’re called by a big international retailer. They are doing a complete rebuild of their website to put on bed their throbbing technical legacy CMS systems finally. They are planning to build up mobile first and they’re aware that this mobile-first attitude should not extend to desktop navigation. They’re aware about the advantages of mega menu; however, they also know that it may end up in being unfavorable if taken too away.

Their question is: What is really the mega menus for SEO best practice implementation and what SEO considerations must also be considered when determining “tipping-point” of the mega menu value?

Mega Menu Implementation Best Practices

Let us first tackle the part one of this question, as it is the simplest to answer. What is the best practice mega menu implementation?

Only some considerations are really pertinent here:

  • Crawlability
  • HTML simplicity/pertinent semantic implication
  • Code order placement

Keyphrase Saturation And Menu Depth

Now let’s deal with the second part of question. The intensity to which any mega menu must go is an evaluation against two opposite forces: How solid is your domain, as well as how wide is your inventory?

Breadth Of Inventory & Domain Strength
If you’re an average-size international retailer, you likely will be specializing in any way, even if largely — say, books. So, with that example, your mega menu may have a wide range of best-level categories (Crime, Romance, History, Biography, etc.) and lots of ancillary best levels (Offers, Editors’ Picks, Short Stories, Collections, etc.).

Assessing “SEO strength” precisely is the key. Spend some time and make use of multiple tools. Ask yourself whether you really consider the mass of lean-content directories you are counting in there must be considered as the value-add on and not a value subtraction.

So thinking we’ve good domain links strength, what is the advice here?

Keep It Minimum And Silo Mega Menus
For home page as well as top-level pages out of the major bulk of inventory categories, use mega menu heavily on anchor text written as well as visual clarity to clearly communicate link location. Don’t link with more than 4-5 individual items in one department.

Instead, consider small, rich-text elements to mega menu at most, which can be utilized to do this priority linking task.

Use Visual Style To Distinguish Between The Categories
For every category, plan mega menu themed so as to show that the subcategories in same visual style, along with visual marker indicating that you are in departmental navigational element.

What Links Should Be Included In Mega Menu
Don’t ever include any link in your mega menus to a page which just lists everything onto a single page, such as mammoth sitemap page. This flattens out your website hierarchy and shuns your capability to prioritize or “Spotlight” pages with small tweaks to mega menus content or other best-level body content.

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