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Non-SEO Tools That Can Be Used For SEO

You have read lots of reviews for most popular SEO tools; however, what about the other tools which can help in your every day SEO efforts?

Let’s explore some tools not meant necessarily for the industry. Like with anything else, there are hits as well as misses. Here are our favorite hits.

InSite 5

Rankings aside, visitor conversions and trust can be improved only by eliminating pesky grammar and spelling issues on your website.

InSite 5 is excellent desktop software that crawls your site looking for grammar and spelling errors. You also can customize dictionary to eradicate false positives. When crawl is done fully, it creates a good PDF report which you can have somebody execute on. It is an outstanding tool to use regularly against all the sites you’re a part of.


Collaboration is imperative to whatever we do. Attentiv makes such collaboration asynchronous and easy, with threaded commenting, idea upvoting and polling to assist us to get much more decisive and creative.


Sometimes, you require a graphic quick — as, right now. While we love our designers, generally they are working from priority queue and also are perfectionists, so the things do not happen instantly.

If you need excellent open graph images or any custom images to support any blog post, you can turn to Canva in order to put something together quickly.

Of course, infographics have their place still in SEO, mainly for the right message and data. is known to be a non-designers-friendly infographic maker, so it can really come in useful when you are in a pinch.

But, you use it for much more than infographics as well. If you are working on creative contents for using in client marketing campaign, or if you just wish to make a few charts look truly good for our customer reports, you can turn to this It’s easy and quick to make charts, and it crushes almost any chart you would make in MS Office.

Cision Media Database

It is one among the more costly tools, but you will never regret it due to the value it offers. Media Contact Database consists of information about almost each news reporter and outlet out there on the market: it has all the topics covered, all their contact details, and all their social media account details. It’s a beginning point in broader relationship-building as well as content promotion procedure, but an imperative point at that.

Title Tester

It is a beautiful tool with its great simplicity, and it is something we make use of with each piece of content which goes out of the door. You can even test title of this blog post itself. What you do actually is craft some great title options for content you’re creating.

You place those in Title Tester and this tool will provide you with link to share out with your own network. Everybody in your own network can easily vote on their favorite and at the end you’ve a semi-data-motivated approach to choosing your own title. It is very effective and very fast.

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