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Save On SEO Easily Without Being Cheap

An intelligent person once said if you think SEO is costly, you must see how costly cheap SEO gets.

As far as sustainable SEO is considered, there are a few shortcuts. As with other professional services, quality SEO services come at a cost — and best services are more probable to deliver preferred results. But irrespective of your business’ marketing budget and size, there are lots of ways to save on SEO resources.

Do Not Waste Crawler Budgets

Few website owners can tell about how many number of pages of their website Google needs to crawl so as to index and ultimately rank any page. Let us assume that the ratio is near about ten to one.

And for many big websites, the real ratio is near to 100:1 or higher. This means that search engine bots needs to find and creep more than 100 pages of a website before they rank one — in case it ends up in ranking at all.

In case the crawl-to-helpful-content ratio is unfavorable, chances are the Googlebot isn’t exclusively crawling pages intended to do the best.

Using meta noindex tags on pages with no or little content — pages which make a website a possible Panda algorithm’s candidate or pages which don’t perform as expected — tends to be a seasoned method to help direct main search engine bots so as to crawl the pages that matter.

Abandon Rel=”Nofollow” Attributes

There is no cause to apply rel=”nofollow” attributes on a site’s internal link or on links that are pointing to linked social media channels like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

Rel nofollow attribute — intended for short time supposed to be “magic bullet” for the Page Ranking sculpting — indicate to search engines one thing only: There is no reason to count on the page that the link is actually pointing to.

Unless there are users generated outgoing links that are pointing to unverified websites, it is best to dump using rel=”nofollow” attributes forever.

File Size Matters A Lot

Minimizing the page size — and thus improving loading time for the user and search engine crawlers alike — is of top priority. Remember, website speed is a ranking factor now for some time.

While there are numerous ways to decrease page size, a great place to begin is by eliminating page elements which are remnants of past long gone. For example, meta keywords are obsolete. Top search engines out there have been paying no attention to them for years. It’s high time to get rid of meta keywords now.

Download & Document Backlinks

As far as evaluating backlinks is considered— for instance, while assessing risks linked with link building — full data is important. The sample offered in the Google Search Console is limited; however, it’s being updated on regular basis. There is no guarantee how frequently that occurs, but some times per week looks to be an average frequency for maximum sites.

Having that backlinks data available when it is needed urgently can make it much simpler to initiate recovery effort in case of Google’s penalty. In case you do not just have this data on hand, you will need to spend lot of time crawling your whole backlink portfolio — which may take several weeks to build up a sample.



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