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Social Profile SEO: Optimize For Search Visibility & Rankings

Social profiles are wonderful assets for building up your online presence. Social profiles are good for expanding your online reach, for client retention and commitment and for amplifying contents. But they also can be excellent for capturing more online search visibility for a brand.

In the present world of pessimistic third-party online reviews that can rank extremely high for the brand searches, you require as many assets online as probable to push negative contents down in search engine results page (SERPs).

Don’t take it wrong, though — you must do right by clients and offer good services to avoid negative online reviews. But, we do not live in an ideal world, and at times negative things can emerge in the SERPs regarding your brand.

The perfect situation is to make your social profiles and website dominate the very first page of branded SERPs. It is great for the reason that it is all assets you own, which can help you to control what searchers observe and your brand’s perception.

Google recently announced that it will be inserting the Tweets in Web Search; therefore this is another chance to layer social in your branded Web search.

Social Profile Optimization

Here are some recommendations for optimizing a few of the most widely used and popular social profiles.

General Tips

Following tips are valid to nearly all social media accounts:

  • Branding. Make sure that your profile is established with high-quality and branded images where apt.
  • Updates. Update your profile regularly so that your visitors do not think that you’ve discarded the account. Try to keep the things conversational.
  • Completeness of Profile. Nearly all social accounts contain places where one can add links, content, or other kinds of helpful information. Ensure that you fill out every applicable field —more the information you offer, stronger your social profile will look to the search engines.


  • Branding. Twitter enables you to create a header image and a profile picture, along with background colors for profile page. Ensure that all colors and images are on brand.
  • Content Types. Ensure to include different media types, like photos and videos, in tweets.
  • Updates. Keep your profile updated on frequent basis. It is very imperative to use hashtags on Twitter. It will help to aggregate tweets and also may increase the possibilities of your tweets coming up in Google search.


  • Branding. While setting up your social profile with photos, don’t simply upload a cover photo and profile photo. Add a range of photos in album which shows who you’re and all what you do.
  • Updates. Keep your profile updated on frequent basis. Leverage hashtags where suitable.
  • Page Info. Populate page info section in the profile using as much contents as possible. The more contents, the better.


  • Branding. Utilize high-quality branded photos, and ensure to claim profile vanity URL.
  • About Section. Populate “About” section with as much of content as possible.
  • Updates. Have solid contents calendar where you’re uploading video contents on a regular basis.




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